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If you have that disgusting popcorn ceiling on your home, and your ready to get rid of it, give us a call.  We are experts at removing the popcorn texture and putting on a modern, beautiful texture in it's place.  We can also handle the professional painting for you saving you time and ensuring a top quality finish.

What is a Popcorn Texture anyway? 

Popcorn texture is more accurately called Acoustical Ceiling Texture, but has come to be know by homeowners as Popcorn or cottage cheese texture, and some mistakenly call this Stucco texture.  It's basically a thin drywall compound with styrofoam type balls in it.  It was used for many years until around the early 90s due to the fact that it was an affordable way to texture a ceiling, saving costs on painting, and drywall finishing costs.  It also did help deaden the sound in a room and many people had glitter sprayed onto the texture while it was wet for an added sparkle.  Note that houses built from 1980 back may have Asbestos in the texture so be careful in trying to remove it yourself.  If there's any doubt, we can come in a put a NEW layer of sheetrock over the old and finish it as new, avoiding the asbestos.

Why get rid of your popcorn ceiling?  Here's several reasons:

  • It sucks up dirt, smoke and odors and is usually filthy, especially around swamp cooler vents

  • It's Ugly, yeah, we once thought it looked nice, but no more

  • It's full of spider webs and spiders

  • It's Very difficult to paint

  • The foam balls fall off at the slightest touch

  • It's very hard to paint your walls with a bumpy ceiling line

  • It's very outdated and hurts the resale value of your home


Why Choose Mr Patch Drywall to remove your popcorn ceilings?

We specialize in popcorn ceiling removal, drywall repair and painting meaning the following advantages over handymen, other drywallers or general contractors -

  • We are quick.  We know how to do the job quickly, minimizing the hassle to you.  And yes, this is a huge hassle to have your entire house covered in plastic, making it difficult to live in the house while the work is going on.  We can do some smaller jobs in just one day.  Others may take longer depending on the complexity of the work, whether you have us do the painting or not, etc.

  • We utilize expensive specialized sanders and vacuums which very few people are even aware of.  Our vacuum is a Dual Filtration System which has a 99.85% filtration efficiency, specifically designed to trap drywall dust much better than a standard shop vac so very little gets past it.  Our vacuum sander is designed to work with this vacuum and is also very expensive which means few contractors will own both of these items.

  • We have a reputation for doing top quality work and will leave your ceiling looking like a brand new ceiling.

  • We work hard to keep the dust and mess down.  Removing this texture is Very Messy and dusty, and many people don't know how to properly contain the dust and mess.  We will work to keep the mess to a minimum, then after the work is done we clean thoroughly, even dusting your furniture or counters if needed.

  • We can update the texture on your ceiling to a beautiful skip trowel texture as shown below.  Few drywallers know how to apply a texture like this and often apply a much more messy looking texture.

  • We can arrange to have your larger furniture items moved out of your house and into your garage, or possibly into a temporary storage unit if you don't want to tackle that either.

  • We don't just scrape the texture off and spray on another texture.  After scraping, 99% of the jobs require us to apply another coat of mud to all joints, then sand and smooth further.  In the days when my father & I applied these acoustical (popcorn) textures in the 70s, we only had to apply 1 coat of mud to the recessed joints, then we could simply cover up the defects with the acoustical texture.  So after removing the acoustic you MUST work on the joints and if needed, apply another coat of mud.  I've seen many jobs where this was not done and all the joints now show, and most ALL the nails.  So these people traded the popcorn ceiling with none of this showing for a knockdown or orange peel texture with all the nails and joints showing.  We DON'T do this low grade work.  When we're done your ceiling will look like new with no defects showing.

  • We guarantee all of our work to be of a high quality with no joints and nails showing, mud on your furniture, etc. 

How Much Work is it to Remove The Popcorn Texture?

Here's the basic steps required to remove the popcorn ceiling texture and apply a new one

  1. Move all furniture out of the room, or to the walls & remove photos etc (homeowner often does this to save money, but we can include it in our bid)

  2. Mask off ALL Furniture, Walls & Ceilings in each room being worked on and glue the floor plastic to the wall plastic to further seal things off

  3. Cover floors leading out of the house, and in non work areas where we may walk to avoid tracking huge amounts of texture all over

  4. Mask off all light fixtures, smoke alarms, etc on the ceiling

  5. Spray the ceilings with water and scrape off the popcorn

  6. Clean up the popcorn debris and dispose of

  7. Apply another 1-2 finish coats of Drywall Mud to most all joints and nails (most who remove the popcorn texture skip this step)

  8. Repair misc ceiling cracks, dings and damage from scraping, etc

  9. Sand all new drywall mud & touch up final defects

  10. Apply a new texture of your choice

  11. Prime all new textured surfaces

  12. Paint all new textured surfaces

  13. Remove all masking from walls

  14. Touch up paint on walls where masking tape may pull it loose

  15. Final cleanup

An average sized home with say 1000 SF of popcorn ceilings will take 2-3 guys about 4-5 days to complete.  It will take the average homeowner months to complete, so we can save you a huge amount of time, and guarantee the work will be done correctly.


I can't tell you how many homeowners have told us they removed popcorn texture from a room once and will NEVER do that again.  Folks, it's a very messy and difficult job, so be sure you're up to it before you tackle the job.


WHEN HIRING A DRYWALL CONTRACTOR to remove your Popcorn ceiling, remember to ask if they will coat all the old joints and repair any minor and major damage after they remove the popcorn texture.

The reason is that when we applied these textures in the 70s they covered defects so well that we could get by with 1 less coat of mud on everything compared to the walls with a Knockdown or an orange peel texture. So it is almost guaranteed that all the joints will need re-coated to ensure that the joints will not show.

I've been seeing a lot of homes with joints, scratches, etc showing from a previous popcorn texture removal so it's obvious that a lot of contractors are skipping this step to make more profit, leaving the homeowner with the poor quality work.

Always get this in writing. We always spell it out in a contract so that you can be assured of receiving the highest quality workmanship. When we complete a popcorn ceiling job and re-texture, your ceiling will look like new again.

Remember, low bidders often plan on leaving out things like proper masking and cleanup, repair of the ceiling after scraping and will often do a poor job of texturing, and more. We aren't the cheapest, but we are the best.



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